Into The Shadows

Inks on paper

56 x 85 cm


In the framework of the Luxembourg Film Festival, the exhibition Pitch, invited screenwriters and artists to come up with a fictional movie plot and matching visuals.

There once lived an ancient hunter people in the wide and empty plains of the Northern Lands. Being one with their icy environment they have mastered the art of shadow walking, leading an elusive and nearly mythical existence. When Osha is chosen to be the new leader of her tribe, envy and deceit stir in the mids of the clan. Desiring the reign for themselves, her foes plot against her. In a nightly attack, they carve her eyes out and cast her into the stormy darkness, cursing her to never find her way back home. Lost but driven by revenge, Osha begins to roam the lands, vowing to return to her people and destroy the ones responsible. But robbed of her sight she struggles and so, in her desperation, she does the only thing she has always been able to do; she begins to hunt. Tracking down and killing travellers who pass through the dangerous and mysterious ice world, she takes their eyes and pushes them into her skull and for a brief moment she regains sight. But soon the dead eyes begin to rot and darkness overcomes her once again. But Osha’s fate changes when she spares the life of hunter Silla. Linked by their past, they become companions and together they begin their journey into the shadows. – Julie Wagener