Creative Expo Taiwan
digital drawing


As an exhibitor at the 2019 edition of the Creative Expo Taiwan, I was asked to create an illustration on the theme of ‘Local Culture’. The illustration would later be in AR, so the ‘front’ and the ‘back’ needed to form a coherent relation to each other as to be translated into a 3D image.
I found the theme ‘Local Culture’ to be a very vast subject, open to many interpretations and definitions. That is why I decided against illustrating what I know about my local culture and approached the subject in a more abstract manner by visualising how I feel about culture. The persona of the adventurer implies the wish to explore the unknown. While searching the world for her treasures, hunting down her mysteries, he will slowly but surely grow as a person with the number of his discoveries. And that is how I want to experience culture : Finding new horizons or revisiting familiar bays, in hope to understand my world and its people just a little better.


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